Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nintendo DSI for your little one!

Alright, I have never been so happy to have something as I am with the Nintendo DSI for my son.  He is 5 and takes very good care of his toys.  He loves this thing.  It is definitely kid friendly and easy to use.  How many trips have you been on and the kids are driving you completely insane?  This is the cure all!  My son stays entertained for hours.  


He got his DSI for his birthday.  I bought two games for it and his favorite is Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem!  I got him the Cars 2 game as well.  My family has always been big fans of I Spy so that is the next game I am going to get for him.

You can actually take pictures on it as well.  He loves to take pictures.  Shortly after he got it we had a huge rain storm and afterwards, a rainbow.  I cannot even tell you how many pictures he took of the rainbow.  I would recommend this for anyone who has young children!

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